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yea…over here…



…and what were we doing a year ago?  Why, it was Wally and the Beavers!


…and a year before that??  This was Allen’s Maiden Junket with a focus on the Trails


I don’t know what exactly happened here, but this is interesting… could it be that the death of Jack Elrod in February, 2016 has left poor Mr. Allen adrift?  A competent artist but with little skill in storytelling?  Jim, (it’s OK I call you Jim?) I’m sorry if you see this, but really?  This is becoming just about unreadable…  I mean, Josh, the Comics Curmudgeon, doesn’t even comment on you anymore… It’s like whatever made Mark interesting has left the building…  I can’t believe that I am actually pining for a shot of Rusty and Cherry!  Here’s a hint… there needs to be a Villain.  Oh, I know, it’s Jose Jefe and Human Trafficking, but good lord, man, they are such a distant memory that they can’t even be considered part of the plot line anymore… Even the movie San Andreas, which mostly featured man against a rumbling and unsympathetic earth had character development, back story, love interests burgeoning- some things to keep us interested…

So whither thou goest Mr. Allen?  Find yourself a script-writer and get this train back on the tracks…


One thought on “yea…over here…

  1. So Carina made a run for it, having apparently abandoned her colleagues to die, only to be surprised/shocked that they are still alive. And while the two hapless souls are running towards her and a possible exit (from the tunnel or the story?), the ever-informative and scheming Mark hopes to confuse Gabe by looking off to the side, yelling “Over there, Gabe!” Or maybe the injury has left Trail addlepated; and he not only does not here Carina yelling out to them, but seems to be confused by who and what is clearly in front of them.

    You see Dennis, it is not just the readers who are confused here, but the characters, themselves. From one sequence to the next, they have no idea what they are supposed to be doing, where they are going, why they are in the cave, or even if they are really supposed to get out of the cave. I’d think they would welcome Jefe and his automatic rifle about now. And point it towards Allen.

    Otherwise, I look forward to the Daily Trail. You’re doing a great job, Dennis!

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