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Time for Carina’s close-up… fresh lipstick and foundation and she’s ready to continue sharing what she knows about cave-ology…  But really?? “Surreal?”


We have been on this story so long  Ol’ Gabe doesn’t even remember where he is!  You’re not in Mexico, dummy you’re in Southwest Texas

…and by the look on Mark’s face he is getting increasingly bored with this entire situation… he hasn’t had someone to punch in months!!


2 thoughts on “Makeup!

  1. Does Carina the scientist really have to tell the other two scientists what Geothermics is? Gabe isn’t going to be left out of the fact-spewing contest, although his gibber is more of a panel filler. He could just as well of said, “Roman legend says that Romulus had a twin brother called Remus. As babies they were abandoned in the area which later became Rome.” Trail is getting as bored of these two idiots as the readers, and appropriately suggests they go searching for action.

  2. And are they back in that damn cave again, or just standing in front of it? They certainly don’t seem to be concerned about how they wound up there in the first place, or what might be waiting for them if they can figure out how to climb up – or out.

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