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Karst Processes? Geothermics?

Ka-mon, Gabe!  Get with the program!  Mark throws all kinds of doubt and darkness on your “sunlight” theory -(Remember, Gabe, the Earth ROTATES… therefore the time that the hole would be filled with sun is minuscule relative to the entire rotational arc… or something like that…) I love the look on Gabe’s face (all sheepish again) as he is getting schooled by Mark… All I can say is that Carina is a LOT more attractive when when she is slinking around the cave compared to when she in out of danger and spouting scientific knowledge…  But then I’m a guy and will probably get in trouble for that last statement…


Good thing, though, that Carina took full advantage of the STEM curriculum at her schools growing up…  And as the proud father of a daughter who is a geologist, we all have to be grateful that walls have come down.  And thank Female Pioneers in the sciences, including Phyllis Kahn a State of Minnesota House of Representative who earned multiple degrees in the sciences against what I am sure were tremendous odds!  Or Florence Bascom, geologist… Or credit to her father John, who (it would seem) supported his daughter in very non-conventional pursuits for the late 19th century… who is no doubt connected or related to Bascom Hall/Hill at the University of Wisconsin-Madison…

Well, enough history for one morning.


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