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Well, duh…

I am at a loss for what insights might be offered in today’s installment, other than a healthy dose of familiar poses and reactions- Mark assumes his “Naturalist crouch,” Gabe wagging his finger, and Carina doing her best Vanna White impression.  Speaking of the latter, I see that she and Pat Sajak are still on the TV… good lord how long have they been doing that show??  Answer- since 1983.  September to be exact.  In its 33rd year… That’s a mere tick of the Trailian clock, though, as we move through these stories at glacial speed…


OK, so now that we have been reminded that plants need soil, water and light to grow and thrive, what’s next?  I thought they were going to climb out of the hole and do… what?  Heaven knows.

2 thoughts on “Well, duh…

  1. Suddenly Gabe is a wealth of knowledge. In past panels he didn’t know whether to defecate or wind his watch. Now he is educating the crew on the virtues of underground lakes.

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