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Kind of makes you wonder how he ever got his degrees…

Gabe, you have proven to be an effective foil, if nothing else, and now your estudiante is turning on you as if to say, “Shut up, Porky, your contributions here are no longer required…”  Before the cave incident, Carina was loath to call the Professor by his first name, now it comes easily, as experience in crisis is a great equalizer…  Separating the men from the boys, euphemistically speaking… the look on Carina’s face is telling- weary of this whole thing and weary of Gabe, who continues to third-wheel his way through this plot line, ____-blocking anything that might erupt between Mark and Carina… But just wait a Trailian minute there, Bucko- Mark is a Happily Married Man- which is why he spends 345 of the 365 days in a year on the road…


So the WWI era biplane was just a distraction?  Nothing to do with anything?  A mere curiosity along the way that holds no bearing on the plot line?  Well, that’s disappointing…  And we won’t see Mark doff his shirt to expose his rippling upper torso in a free-climb that was foreshadowed in late 2015?  They are just going to walk out of there? OK… carry on…

In other news (literally) there was a nice piece on the Mark Trail Experience in my Local Paper- The Minneapolis Star Tribune- Please see ‘I am a Trailhead’ on Page OW1 of Friday, April 08, 2016 issue of Star Tribune – and in contacting the author, he mentioned that he is aware of “The Daily Trail” and had even mentioned it in an early draft of the piece, but ended up not including it… Doh!  This close to a shout out by a Major Metro Paper!!  Oh well, I shall continue to contribute to the Trail Universe in my own way, comfortable in the knowledge that the small, somewhat crazy, Trail community will appreciate what is done here…


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