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Red-Tail(ed) it is!!

Thanks, Mark for calling that one out…  we were certainly all wondering…  And note that it’s a Red-Tailed Hawk, not a Red-Tail Hawk…  The learning curve just never quite flattens out in the Trail-verse…


And thanks Gabe, for opening your mouth and bringing us all down again.  While we can’t be sure who is talking in the first panel, let’s assume that it’s Gabe- Mr. “Never met a half-full glass I didn’t call half-empty.”  “We can’t climb out!”  “The walls are concave!”  Must’ve gone to the Luke Skywalker School of Fine Whine

Well, now we know why we were introduced to Mark’s free-climbing skills- too bad ye olde climbing pick was lost to the cave and the cave-in(s)…  Or, in a great moment of non-continuity, Mark will pull the pick out of his back-side and start the climb out!


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