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Called it!!

Ha!  About a month ago to you and me, but minutes in Trail-time, I suggested that a sinkhole might be their salvation…  And Carina, the trained cave-ologist whose job it is to notice such things and call them out accurately, has done just that!



And even Mark is surprised by this turn of events…  the man who has seen darn near everything…

I am enjoying your comments- and glad that you are maintaining enthusiasm for the story line while I appeared to be flagging a bit…  Call it Trail-fatigue… I guess everyone might get it from time to time, especially on a very long hike…  but yes- I agree- the possibilities are endless now that we have more to work with- but soft- is that a skeleton in the aft seat??  It was only slightly apparent yesterday but now there is definitely something or should I say some-ONE there…

Quick pivot to a Netflix recommendation – Chasing Monsters– a 12 episode, somewhat binge-worthy show featuring a guy who likes to fish for MONSTERS…  all over the freakin’ planet!  It’s produced in Canada, the host/protagonist is Cyril Chauquet, and apparently is also known as the Fishing Adventurer…  and involved in a show call Wild Catch…  Anyway, the reason I bring him up is that he reminds me of Mark Trail in that he knows a lot of people… or at least pretends to, and this is what launches him into all these different situations.  The main difference is that Cyril is more James Bond-like that Trail could ever be- actually has a drink now and then and speaks, by my count, four languages,  isn’t afraid to get “in bed” with his quarry, and always kisses his catch before releasing it back into the water…  Last night I saw him catch a giant Snook, just like Rusty did


2 thoughts on “Called it!!

  1. Congratulations on your successful prediction! Where do we go from here? For example, should we assume that their SUV has been trashed or stolen at this point?

    And I wonder what kind of raptor that is/was, anyway. A Harris’s Hawk, perhaps? Or a Red-tailed hawk? On the other hand, the body of the bird show in the April 5 strip almost has the proportions of an owl – another raptor, by the way. I suppose we should not rely too much on these ambiguous renderings, which is ironic in a strip devoted to wildlife and the environment. Then again, I’m no ornithologist. Nor do I play one on TV.

  2. Another observation: Is it Mark Trail who says he’s never seen a plane in a cave? Did he forget to lookup and notice that they are now OUT of the cave? And wouldn’t the sudden wash of strong sunlight overcome their eyes, after making their way out of the “dark” cave?

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