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Adding a bit of color…

Meanwhile, above the ground, we see a relic of WWI, the unfortunate result of an amateur bi-plane excursion, or maybe it’s the lost remains of Amelia Earhart.  That’s the problem with single engine planes- a single point of failure- with no back-up!  But Seriously, what is the raptor standing on in panel one? Certainly not the wing, unless the bird is massive in proportion… and can hook its feet around the leading and trailing edge of the wing… but then in panel two, everything falls back to normal?  huh…


So, while we wait for something interesting to happen, here’s a shout-out to my Dear Mother, as today is her Birthday!!


2 thoughts on “Adding a bit of color…

  1. At one point in his career Trail was an airplane mechanic/pilot. All he has to do now is fashion a homemade divining stick to locate an oil well, do a little refining (knowledge he gleaned from his days at MIT as a bio-chemical engineer), resurrect the war bird from materials provided by nature, and glide to safety.

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