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As we study the back of everyone’s head…

We are reminded that the cave ceiling is opening up to the sky.  I think we established that on Saturday… The suspense in not killing me, in fact I am about to pull out the Tedium-Meter® and take a look at it.  I am sure it’s pegging again…


So… moving right along.  Or not… We have established exactly nothing new here… it’s like going on vacation and taking too many shots of the scenery- mountains… yep, more mountains… Oh. Look.  Mountains again…

One thought on “As we study the back of everyone’s head…

  1. Nothing happening…? I beg to differ. As usual, once somebody discovers a way to safety, the rest of the crew wander off some place and get into further trouble. Poor Mark is too distracted by the opening above him to notice the impending disaster.

    The Trouble Twins stare at something that could be a large cave opening or maybe the open mouth of a giant underground monster (note the fangs), waiting for the them to walk into it. Okay, maybe not. Shall we assume it is a cave portal, then, with a light source just beyond?

    Come to think of it, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a ray of light so bright that it has its own shading (the hatching on the right). DON’T GO IN THERE, KIDS! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T GO IN THERE!!

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