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Save for the cave Piranha…

So yea… Relax, Gabe… sheesh!  I am sure that those fish swimming about are mere goldfish with glassy/ zombie eyes!  I am sure they don’t mean you any harm…  And Gabe, settle down!  Everyone in the Trailverse is drip-dry…  you will be out of that “lake” and back onto dry… cave floor… in no time… but notice how Mark hedges his statement with a “shouldn’t be” rather than a “there aren’t, isn’t or won’t…”  As Mark saunters/ sallies forth, thumbs tucked in his waistband…


As for underground lakes, there seems to plenty to choose from in the Google-verse…  But aside from access to the sun, they would all appear to be rather dark…  Not here, we continue to have all manner of lighting to keep our hero and his party from losing their way…

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