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Wet T-shirt Contest!

Oh Gabe, you are such a Bitch!  Or a Bee-Otch… Or a Byotch… Mark is standing there in quiet disbelief, and you already have the whine turned up to 11…  But what could be swimming in there?  Could this be a shrimp dinner?  How long have they actually been underground, bathed in mysterious light?  Days? Hours?  There have been no transitions from one day to the next, no “I’m really tired, we should lay down for a few hours…”  As disorienting as a Las Vegas Casino- no natural light, no clocks, all sense of time and circadian rhythm removed…  Just moving from one station to the next, and rather than being sapped of all their money, this experience is sapping them of their will to live…


Is that the equipment bag in Gabe’s right hand?  The wouldn’t make any sense considering what they all just went through, superman style.  And considering they really have no choice but to keep moving in the direction they are going, this is rapidly turning into a Journey to the Center of the Earth…  with, according to IMDB.com, had an estimated budget of $3.4 million, which would be $27 million today, unless they already apply an inflation factor…  huh.


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