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Yes, I want to thank you…

…I would even like to thank you, but I can’t…  Ever notice how often you hear that- especially on Airplanes?  The Cabin Crew says at the end of the flight, “We’d like to thank you for flying with us…” (but we won’t… ha!) and “We know you have a choice in air travel” (well, not really given how the majors have carved up the country into hub and spoke systems…)

But yes, here we are boys and girls, safe on the other side of the bottomless pit with hope of an actual egress… Which would be nice… I think we have terrorized our cast enough for the moment…


But what’s up with Mark’s head in the final panel?  All smooshed and misshapen…  same thing, I suppose, as what’s happened to Carina’s backside, but then we are used to having her shape-shift as she makes her way through the cave…

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