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Well. We knew yesterday that Mark and Gabe would make it to the other side… but what we didn’t know yesterday is that Gabe would grow another finger on his hand!  Check it out!  With his opposable thumb wrapped around the Trail upper arm, it sure looks like he has an extra digit!  Sort of like Count Tyrone Rugen from the Princess Princess Bride… “Excuse me, but you wouldn’t happen to have six fingers on each hand, would you??  My name is Inigo Montoya… you killed my father… prepare to die…”


But I digress…  like I usually do.  We have been in this cave since February 1 and in the desert since December 2… Which means that we have been “following” this story for about 4 months now…  yikes.  Recall Mean Time to Lost Forest (MTLF- Time to open and wrap up a story arc) would be around 75 days… so if it seems like these James Allen story lines move a bit more slowly, it’s not your imagination…  But then we also have been introduced to a much more heroic, indomitable and indestructible Mark Trail- I think faithful reader George Atkins has it right:

Egad! I think you’ve uncovered the secret to Mark Trail: He really IS Superman. His alter ego is Mark Trail, which explains why Mark never gets seriously hurt, why his hair is always in place, why he can exhibit extraordinary powers when called upon (like today). Cherry is really Lois Lane, Superman’s chaste love interest. Rusty is Jimmy Olson, always getting into trouble and having to be saved. Doc is Mr. White, of course.

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