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Batman vs. Superman??

Ha!  No way!  It’s Batman vs. Mark Trail!  As Mark takes on all properties of the Man of Steel, including an apparent ability to defy gravity and re-write history, our Superman launches himself across the divide, which would be hard enough to clear on his own, let alone lifting and driving a full grown, calorie infused adult to the other side… and will do so with relative ease…


Try, Mark?  Try?  In the words of Yoda, there is no try… only do… But what’s a few broken ribs between would be friends??


One thought on “Batman vs. Superman??

  1. Egad! I think you’ve uncovered the secret to Mark Trail: He really IS Superman. His alter ego is Mark Trail, which explains why Mark never gets seriously hurt, why his hair is always in place, why he can exhibit extraordinary powers when called upon (like today). Cherry is really Lois Lane, Superman’s chaste love interest. Rusty is Jimmy Olson, always getting into trouble and having to be saved. Doc is Mr. White, of course.

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