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It’s almost like they are one…

That’s right, Gabe.  Three’s a crowd, dude.  With Mark and Carina communicating telepathically, you are totally expendable now.


And why are we suddenly playing the internal monologues?  As Gabe calls out to Mark… Carina generates her “sultry” look, Mark has his “wide-eyed wonderment” look and Gabe rattles in place… Seems that the aftershock is concentrated on the flimsy rock bridge.   Remember, kids, how Mark assured Gabe that everything would be all right…  Ha!  Not so much.  Will we really let this poor chiropterologist fall to a dark and unrecoverable death?  Or is there a magic ledge that he will find himself perched upon?  Doing my best to manufacture some concern here… but it’s not easy.

2 thoughts on “It’s almost like they are one…

  1. And the crowd chants “Fall! Fall! Fall!”

    I’m also struck by that long “Rummmmble” sound. I think it might be a guy from the Jets gang hiding somewhere down in the pit, calling the other members to fight the Bat gang.

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