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Less talking… more crawling.

That darned rock arch gets skinnier by the day (or is it minute??) Sometimes I lose track of time when minutes play out in days and weeks in the Trailverse…


So yes, Gabe.  Please be careful- this is no time for tap dancing or taking any chances…  And also, please, Mark… What- were you raised by wolves? with bad grammar?  “Your’re doing good?”  “Doing” is an action verb, and therefore should be described by the adverb ‘well,’ not the adjective ‘good.’ Sigh… in the old days, Mark would not be caught dead using a contraction like ‘you’re,’ let alone show such other signs of ill breeding.  He is, after all, a writer.  And unless he thinks that his Editor has nothing better to do than correct his mistakes, he’d better bet a handle on his word choice…


One thought on “Less talking… more crawling.

  1. When I read your comments (after reading the strip) I was sure that you would attack Mark’s grammar. Wonderful! Now let’s get these guys out of the cave – tout de suite!!!

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