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Why would we assume that??

Could be, I suppose, but other than an opening into more darkness and gloom, what have you really found, there, Carina??


Meanwhile, Gabe and Mark are taking turns getting across the rock bridge…  Gabe first, which means that Mark may remain stranded and Carina will have to go on without him in hopes of a rescue and recovery operation after she somehow finds a way out, makes it through the desert without food, water or sunblock and can find the opening again to point the way back…

On a good note, I am back in the northern climes where there is snow expected in the next couple of days and where there is actually moisture in the air…  seriously.  And Mark Watney, of The Martian fame, is safe on board the Hermes, heading back toward earth.  The book is very good, as was the movie.  Of course the movie took some liberties with the book, but it has to, right??  The book goes into a lot more of the science behind what is happening and reminded me of how many things there are to take for granted- atmosphere, for one…


2 thoughts on “Why would we assume that??

  1. Lots of sexual implications in the cave episode. We have the sultry Carina, the lecher Mark and a vibrating bridge leading to a dark hole. What’s next, ejaculating lava? The only thing that doesn’t fit is the lumbering oaf Gabe.

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