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That Damned Spider!

Well, there it is again… some form of venomous, lethal arachnid come to spoil the party!  With a klieg light trained on it.  Producing shadows.  Meanwhile passive-aggressive, sociopathic, manipulative Mark is convincing Gabe that it’s in his own best interest to cross the crumbling rock bridge next… “I’m right here behind you,” says Mark… To do what??  Wave as Gabe falls into the darkness?


A little about where I am now- Green Valley, AZ… dominated by expansive fields of Pecan trees, groves, orchards, or whatever you call them, owned by the Farmers Investment Company (FICO,) not to be confused with the credit reporting company, parent of Green Valley Pecans and owned by the Walden Family for the last 6 decades… hmmm… I wonder which way they lean politically… along with communities protected by pretty ladies in guard houses, built up around golf courses and pickle-ball courts.  There’s the Wal*Mart, the Big Lots, the $.99 store and other necessities of life, along with being a stones throw from Tucson.  Lovely vistas of mountains reaching around 5,ooo ft elevation. Warm and sunny while it’s (according to sources) cold and snowy back in MN… Ha!!


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