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Arrived Safely in the Desert…

Which is more than I can say for Mark Trail and company… brought the laptop along as I (literally) could not leave this adventure to play out by itself.  Not sure what that says about me, but here I am.  And here we are applying more tortured logic to the laws of physics and gravity.  I am reading The Martian now and if it teaches us anything is that Newton’s laws are immutable- all that business about actions have equal and opposite reactions is absolutely true and makes me wish I had paid attention in High School (and later College, although that was the first class I dropped…) chemistry and of course physics…


So with Carina (BMI ~24) safely across, let’s send Gabe (BMI ~35) to test the strength of the rock-bridge.  Sort of like the old (which means hopefully not evil) Bill Cosby routine about Fat Albert- the baddest Buck-Buck breaker in the world… or those signs that announce the max vehicle weight of bridges- how do they tell what the max weight is? Do they drive increasingly heavier truck across until it breaks?? Probably not – there’s science involved I am sure… So in a week or so we will find out whether Gabe makes it across (again to where?) and whether Mark will have the chance to make his way across…  Not to mention the lighting and camera crew that has been capturing their every move…


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