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Screwed, more like it…

Yup… not lookin’ too good for our intrepid travelers…  does Cherry feel anything during times like this- when all seems lost, doomed beyond the point of hope?  Doubt it.  She’s got her cashiering job at the local Wal*Mart, and what could be better?  OK, I have no idea what Cherry is up to at this moment, but it might be more exciting than what we are witnessing here…  some kind of tryst, some dangerous liaison, anything… right?


So as the roof continues to crumble down on top of the trio, we are all wishing and hoping for sweet release- either crush and bury them or get them the hell out of there so they can assist the border patrol in stopping the illegal flow of immigrants…  Or help the Coyotes, I don’t really care which.


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