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Gabe is Freaking Out!

And I don’t blame him!  Seriously.  Trapped.  Underground.  No way out with millions of Metric tons of the earth’s crust bearing down on your head… if Mark Trail wasn’t blessed to have this Strip named after him, I’d say they were all done-for…


So with eyes shut and head down, Gabe lights off in the general direction of “back…” wherever that is… through the tiny crevice, down the slope that Mark haul his ass up, and back to the mouth of the cave where they have a small chance of digging their way to freedom.  Did we really think Mark’s plan was going to work??  Every other time, of late, some Federal Agency has (literally) swooped in, deus-ex-machina-style and resolved the “situation…” In a sealed cave, no one can hear you scream…

In related news, White Nose Syndrome (remember that??) is ravaging the bat population in Northern MN, my home state!

GetContent WNS

Please see Devastating disease reaches state’s bats on Page A1 of Thursday, March 10, 2016 issue of Star Tribune


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