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Bridge Out Ahead…

Well, unless the earthquake-inspired cave-in created an opening to the sky, our hero’s fortunes have taken yet another turn for the worse…  Or at least they won’t have to tempt fate by trying to walk across the “bridge…”  and unless Carina and Gabe are equally lucky to have not been buried in the rubble, Mark may be on his own here…


“The Bridge!” he calls out, as if it were an old friend… as if he knew that it would have led him to safety, which of course he does not… so with a mighty “CROCK” (haven’t heard/seen that one before) that option is taken away from our party…

I have to introduce a new concept- the ‘Tedium-Meter.’  Sort of like the ‘Fun-Meter’ as in, “Well, my Fun-Meter has pegged… We can go now…” The T-M is invoked when a story line is not moving along sufficiently fast…  and this Cave Odyssey is definitely in the Red-zone…

Tedium Meter



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