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You First, Oh Girthy One…

That’s right, Gabe, you take the first stroll across the rock bridge- being held up by what appears to be a couple of strategically placed (by Nature of course) keystones… one wrong move, one slip and you would never to be heard from again!  Except for your scream as you fall further and further down into the blackness…


As much as I like to dis Mr. Allen about his dialogue, here’s proof that it’s harder that it looks… Seeing the varied expressions this morning inspired me to do a bit of editing, but I have to admit it’s a weak attempt at best…


Take your best shot, people…

Earthquake, huh?  Let’s re-orient ourselves, shall we??  We are supposedly in the Chihuahuan Desert in West Texas…

chihuahuan_desert (1)

And it certainly appears that there are active fault lines running throughout the area… so I give this a rating of ‘plausible‘ to ‘likely…’


There are even a couple of 6.0 magnitude quakes on the map, so who knows…  Can we blame this on the fracking going on in Oklahoma?  Probably!


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