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You’re a little late with that line, Gabe…

Ha, ha…  Yea, and what about all those bats?  I am beginning to think that they don’t even exist…  if nothing else they would be pointing to a way out of this…


Nice finger, though, Gabe.  Not stubby like Donald Trump’s…  OK, kids… I have (mostly I think) avoided Presidential Politics in my ministrations… but really?  This is what it comes down to?  With the fate of the Free World hanging in the balance we can only talk about Marco’s ears and Donald’s fingers??  And other school-yard jabs?  I forced myself to watch some of the “highlights” from last night’s “debate,” and I had to stop after 3 minutes.  This is is embarrassing.  We are about to nominate a Narcissist and a Bully on one side? And a Liar and Criminal on the other?  We know that many  of our Presidents throughout history were (are??) damaged people.  We have come to expect this to a certain degree.  Maybe the only saving aspect of a Trump candidacy and presidency is that he wears it all on his sleeve without apology…  Sorry, but I think that is a slim consolation…  But as Esquire has pointed out (and when, btw, did that magazine become so incredibly left-leaning??) According to them, on the Republican side, it’s come down to a choice between Ted Cruz and a Vulgar Talking Yam

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