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Spider’s Revenge!

Still bathed is plenty of natural light of unknown origin, our intrepid travelers forge ahead… this time on a “slight ledge…”  Mark is looking inappropriately cheerful as he suggests that it might lead “around to the other side!”  Other side of what, Mark?  Please… everything you have suggested so far has driven this party deeper underground and further and further from any hope… Carina is game, but only because she has fallen under your spell… but even she is starting to realize the hopelessness of the situation.


Meanwhile in the third Panel, it appears that all this work has caused Gabe to slim down considerably!  He could probably make it “back through that narrow passage” if he wanted to… And of course the situation has to become even more dire with the entry (stage left) of some no-doubt venomous eight-legged creature… Arachnid Ho!



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