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Watch the Hand, Carina…

With her left hand suggestively on Mark’s right shoulder, and his left had still holding “the pick,” they are left with another quandary…  forge ahead into the darkness (let’s hope that Ol’ Gabe was able to squirrel the equipment bag, complete with the flashlight, along with his fat arse, through the last crevice …) and “see” what the future might hold. Or perhaps stop moving long enough to consider other options- like going back to the entrance to start digging your way out… Mr. Coyote is long gone and has left you all for dead anyway…


But no doubt there is a bit of Natural little known fact, Cave Whimsy, if you will, that will be produced by either Mark or Carina that will save them all… Heaven knows it won’t be Gabe (offering up his so-far typical “What do we do now!?”) or involve bats, white-nosed or otherwise, given that we haven’t seen a single one since entering the cave system…

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