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Mark’s the Magic Man!

Take my hand and I will make you 100 lbs lighter, just like that!  Have you seen my line of juicers??  Best on the market- a snap to clean up and recommended by 2 out of 3 doctors surveyed… never mind that the one ‘Doc’ that declined is my Father-in-law…


So as Gabe goes into full blown panic over being caught in an underground trap, (hey- I can relate…) Mark is doing his best to make sure he doesn’t completely lose it…  But seriously, you are talking about physical reality, not a matter of will.  Gabe’s too big to fit through these crevices and Heaven knows where they even lead!!  To smaller and smaller crevices!!

Meanwhile here’s a lovely story about a young medical student who dies after getting stuck in an “18-inch-wide by 10-inch-high crevice” replete with a warning sign that reads “Do not squeeze into anything that you might not be able to squeeze out of.”  Never mind that cavers are crazy… apparently they aren’t grammarians either…


One thought on “Mark’s the Magic Man!

  1. What’s with the boils on Gabe’s face? Trail will have advice on the proper lancing technique, I’m sure, when they come up for air.

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