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But Gabe is right…

…he’s not going to make it… sort of like when Winnie the Pooh went visiting at Rabbit’s “Howse,” ate all the Honey and then got stuck in the “door” on the way out… and Pooh had to go on a fast in order to lose enough weight so that Christopher Robin and all the others could pull him out… during which time Rabbit, always the practical one, used Pooh’s legs as a “towel horse…*” If ever there was a cautionary tale warning against gluttony and lack of self control, this is it…


 So, meanwhile Mark is trying to keep everyone’s spirits up, encouraging the impossible, not willing to admit that he is leading them further and further away from the only way out… the way they came in…  and I seem to recall that someone offered up that  idea at the beginning of their dilemma…  But Mark had other ideas

 * “We’ll read to you,” said Rabbit cheerfully. “And I hope it won’t snow,” he added. “And I say, old fellow, you’re taking up a good deal of room in my house–do you mind if I use your back legs as a towel-horse?  Because, I mean, there they are–doing nothing–and it would be very convenient just to hang the towels on them.”

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