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She crawls…

…she slinks, she slithers on her belly like a snake… is it me, or is the fact that they are trapped in a cave with no apparent way out making Carina look a bit more comely?  With the unexplained (so far, at least) natural “light” bathing them as they move forward/ backward toward heaven knows where…

Glad you had the presence of mind, Gabe, to grab an equipment bag…  so why don’t you break it out and see what we have to work with here?


Meanwhile Mark can’t help laying down a mental tidbit… a survival tip for those on the brink of starvation, which by the look of Gabe’s midsection, could be weeks away…  that Cave Crickets are a source of protein…  and yes they are also known as “Land Shrimp” “Sprickets,” and “Criders.”  Whatever you call them, I’d have to be Hugh Glass hungry before partaking of that feast…


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