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OK, I lied…

As the light grows more intense inside the sealed off cave, I guess I just have to shake my head.  I suppose it’s more interesting than staring into blackness punctuated by dialogue…


Looks like Carina found a hidey-hole…  and as she emerges she thanks “heaven” for the fact that Mark and Gabe are “OK…” Do people use that phrase with purpose, or is it said with reflex?  I wonder every time I hear it…  Of course, we don’t hear, “Thank heaven some asshole emptied a clip on us and threw seven sticks of dynamite into the cave entrance effectively sealing us inside…”  I guess it follows the tried and true “things could always be worse” school of managing through adversity.

Love the 3-D effect in panel two- Carina’s arm is reaching forward seemingly out of the frame- making it look impossibly large and muscular…  At least it draws attention from her “handsome” features…


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