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Wouldn’t it be funny…

…if in real life onomatopoeia was a real thing… if you threw a stone in a pond, the word “splash” showed up above the ripples?  The word “Screeeech” followed in a trail behind a car locking up its brakes in an attempt to not rear-end the car in front of it… well, here we have “KABLAM” to consider!


According to wiki, each stick produces 1 MJ (assume mega-joule) of energy, so what we are witnessing is a 7 MJ blast…

Not sure how many sticks were spent in the making of this clip, but it would seem that our fascination with explosives goes way back… and the making of the American West would have been impossible without it…

And I also wonder what risk I am putting myself in googling dynamite and explosion…  I will probably have the authorities knocking on my door wondering what I’m up to…


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