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These must be fresh sticks…

Older TNT, weeping nitroglycerin, would never stand up to such treatment as to be thrown and bounced along a cave floor…  but such are the resources of the coyote clan. Looks like he’s got more where that came from judging from the bulge in his man-bag…  or is that a “murse??”


Once again, Mark at the helm, recognizing in an instant (not even the classic pause and a “Wht th—?”) he has everyone scatter- away from the 7-stick bundle- enough explosive force to bring down a mountainside let alone close up a cave mouth…

But as sad as it might be for our hero and his friends, I was alerted to the passing of Jack Elrod, who passed the torch to James Allen, after a lifetime spent well in the name of conservation and comic strip adventure writing and drawing.  Once teamed with Ed Dodd starting in 1950, he kept the torch lit from 1978 -2014.  Here’s to you, Jack.  To a life well lived!


Jack Elrod 1925-2016


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