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…why do people feel compelled to start their sentences that way?? Annoying.  Didn’t see the TNT coming.  OK.  Now the strip will begin to play on my fear of enclosed spaces…  Oh boy…  first heights, now this.


No sé quién es ustedes…  But no matter, I have neither heart nor compunction about doing anything in this world.  I have no fear that this will come back on me… I will sleep well tonight knowing that there is no one who will be able to bear witness to my crimes…

Someone must have really messed with Jose at some point n his life.  Sort of like the Bad-ass Cousins in Breaking bad- when Tio started drowning the one to teach the other una lección

So, (there’s that again…) with Mark and Company about to be sealed in for life, entombed for all time, we are left to wonder how the Hell they get out of this one!?!


5 thoughts on “so…

  1. So this Coyote, trafficking illegal immigrants, just happens to also carry around bundled sticks of primed dynamite in his man bag!? Maybe he uses it to blow up the truck and its cargo if he is spotted by border police. But, considering how bad a shot he is with an automatic, he probably considers this his “backup piece”. I reckon this is where we see start seeing Mark Trail’s take on the trapped Chilean miners.

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