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Yeah. Great thinking, Mark.

Thanks?  That’s what you have to say for yourself, Mark?  Ye of bad fortune and karma… One who brings trouble with him in bushel baskets…


But let’s think about this, Gabe.  This is only slightly better than running around in the open.  Now you are in el Cueve del Muerte, The Cave of the Dead, with an assassin lurking around near the opening- how convenient- you all can be shot down, and stuffed in the cave where over time your bones will be mistaken for ceremonial offerings from your forebears.  Other that modern day accouterments that can be traced to the men’s clothing section of the LL Bean catalogue, no one would be any the wiser…

Funny- spell check likes the word ‘catalog’ better, but ‘catalogue’ is acceptable…  huh- I always throw the ‘ue’ on the end, just like Dan Quayle wanted to throw an ‘e’ on the end of ‘Potato…’


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