What? Driving panel trucks in the desert??

Exactly what business are you referring to Jose?  Oh the suspense is killing me.  Not really, but hey, we have to make this as exciting as we can…  And this still doesn’t make any sense- Jose seems to be the mastermind behind all this- defining the business model, calling the shots, handing out Bundles of Benjamins…  Jefe appears to be all in, but nonetheless along for the ride.  Jefe in Spanish means boss, el Queso Grande, the Big Cheese… Jose might as well be, well, Joe… as in Average Joe…


Do they switch trucks now?  Does Jose head south with an empty cargo box while Jefe is left to run the gauntlet with Customs and the Border Patrol?  Encounter a bunch of Angry Texans fixing to sue the Gub-mint over immigration policies?   I know I am getting ahead of myself here, so I guess we will just have to wait…

OH NO! Mark Trail meets Fast and Furious!!

Jose doesn’t image that “they” will run into any trouble that far out in the middle of nowhere?  Who’s the weKemosabe?  You and your gun?  You and your cargo?  Look at that assault weapon- AK-47?  Extra large magazine?  Holy Crap.  We learned yesterday that El Chapo, Mexican Drug Kingpin and subject of Sean Penn’s interview, held in his arsenal weapons that could be tied to the United States ATF  Fast and Furious sting operation that allowed weapons to fall into the hands of bad guys who subsequently killed American agents…


Boy… the mind races with this one.  Let’s hope (or not) that Mark doesn’t cross paths with this Bandito

Human Trafficking!

That has to be it!!  No give-aways here…  that panel truck must be filled with a cargo full of hope and desperation…  Well, if that’s the case, then this is worse than, better than, more interesting than poaching and smuggling exotic birds!  And note how, in the title, the English language and all its silly rules and exceptions to pronunciation force us to place a ‘k’ after the ‘c’ in the word trafficking…  that’s one word that will never look quite right, but looks and sounds even worse without it!


I wonder though, what defines poaching?  Taking game out of season?  If so, what is the season, in Wisconsin, for this critter?  And what, I wonder, is the penalty for not only poaching, but humiliating what’s been poached??

IMG_1108 hatted squirrel

Found this beauty at the Petenwell Pub in Adams County, WI!  I wonder who had the good taste to put a hat on her and have her post sentry over the bar?  Best Pizza in town, everyone!!

Yea… enough with the small talk, you two…

The look on their faces in panel two is funny- along with their gestures- as in, “What the Hell, man, we were just introducing ourselves…  So chill out, General Franco, you’re not the boss of me…”  Well, maybe he is the boss of Carina, but he certainly can’t take that tone with Mark.  And what’s he pulling out of the bag?  a picture frame??


The look in the last panel- what are we going for here?  Mischievous?  Certainly not evil, since ‘Gabe’ has already been vouched for… But in the Old Trail, we would recognize all the markers of a bad guy- least of which is not the facial hair.  Recall that Mark has none- at least I can’t remember him ever sporting any stubble, not even when kidnapped and dragged out into the wilderness against his will…

Wow… Monday almost got away from me…

After a stunning weekend in the Dairy State and an extra day added to the weekend, I am doing my morning routine at night, which will make this already shortened work week seem even more disjointed…  and the dialogue today doesn’t help that feeling of disorientation…   I don’t know that the objective of research is to go to a specific place, one that is farthest from the city, but rather the place is found that will support the research…  whatever.


Let’s get a move on here, guys… enough with the set-up already…

Mark looks a touch put out…

…at the news that there is another person joining this excursion… and a woman at that!  I’m surprised he didn’t ask whether she was any good at cooking flapjacks and making coffee!  And what a strange question, which leads us to another vocabulary word- Speleologist.  Why wouldn’t he ask something like “What is her area of study / expertise?” At least assuming that, as Gabe’s assistant, she would be immersed in some academic pursuit.  But I suppose Mark doesn’t want to be held back by any rank amateurs, since of course he’s probably “written a few articles” about caving as well… <<snark>>


Well, now are we set up?  Can we get on with this?  Are we there yet??

Hopefully that’s the last “Liberty” you will take…

…heh, heh… If you know what I mean… as two raptors duke it out over territory, or are they fighting over the lizard that ate the spider that started us down this path?


I sincerely hope this means that the ride is over… it took Mark and Mississippi Ken less time to cross two southern coastal states in the skull mobile in pursuit of the nuclear dive suit… I think this is all set up correctly now, and it’s amusing to think that Gabe is already planning to have Mark spend “days” on this story. I mean, how long does it take to tour a cave and snap a few pictures??  Gabe wants his PR machine to be held captive for a good long time in order that he wring the most out of this opportunity!