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Uh, guys, I’m right here…

“Stop referring to me in the third person!  She, She, She… yup, ‘She’ wasn’t kidding…” And what Carina could see with her normal, corrected to 20-20 vision Mark requires binoculars.  But wait- I thought we were already across the border…  Pretty sure we established that we are now in Texas, at the northeastern tip of the Chihuahuan Desert… and with sufficient foreshadowing, the random 4-legged coyote yowling for no apparent reason… we should not be surprised by the introduction of these coyotes!


Love the hand-bag in panel two… as Jose and Jefe direct their “cargo” into another conveyance… this is so Breaking Bad – only this time with people, not buckets of chicken slop hiding bags of meth…

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