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I guess she forgot to call him ‘Gabe…’

In her moment of fight or flight, and clearly she’s fleeing, Carina reverts to formalities, not a minute after she announces to ‘Gabe’ that she will be fetching and toting instruments stowed in her car.  Wait- Her car?? I thought Gabe and Carina had driven out to the desert together in the jeep?   Presumably his jeep since he’s el Profesor, and she’s el Asistente…


Love the hand gesture in panel 2 – as if there’s another woman named Carina on premises…  “uh, yea, that one, over my right shoulder.”  And so she flees, cortisol driving her athletic legs toward what?  Oh, I know, those rocks dead ahead of her.  She’s sure to trip and fall- that’s what women do in the Trailverse…  But wait- coyotes?  What kind of coyotes?  I can only assume the four legged variety- canis latrans – Or is it Jose and Jefe to whom she refers??

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