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Again… not your parents’ Mark Trail…

Ha!  I knew it!  (forgive the smugness, boys and girls…)

Merchandise… such a grand euphemism for desperate human beings…  On a serious note, what is up with a world that is probably seeing the greatest level of voluntary, bordering on forced, migration in the history of the planet?  Consider, though, our planet’s population- approaching what?  7.4 billion?  And the United States has a lousy 322 million or 4.6% of that?  And Canada’s population of 35 million (less than California)? No wonder people are (literally) killing themselves to get here… How about for the elbow room, if nothing else?  And with world climate changing, man-made or otherwise, the breadbasket is going to move north anyway…  the United States and all of North America continues to be seen as a land of opportunity.  Who are we to judge these two “bad guys” who merely represent links in the supply chain?  Providers of a service?    Of course we now know that Jose and Jefe are Coyotaje or “Coyotes” in the current day situation that seems to (?) encourage (??) this enterprise… Boy it’s hard to stay neutral on this one…


But it’s clear that these guys are not running Carnival Cruise excursion here…  between the sinister sneer in panel 1, the 8-cell Maglight beam being shined in the faces of the “cargo” in panel three, and an ominous CLATCH sound heralding the unveiling, this is getting pretty intense!!

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