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Human Trafficking!

That has to be it!!  No give-aways here…  that panel truck must be filled with a cargo full of hope and desperation…  Well, if that’s the case, then this is worse than, better than, more interesting than poaching and smuggling exotic birds!  And note how, in the title, the English language and all its silly rules and exceptions to pronunciation force us to place a ‘k’ after the ‘c’ in the word trafficking…  that’s one word that will never look quite right, but looks and sounds even worse without it!


I wonder though, what defines poaching?  Taking game out of season?  If so, what is the season, in Wisconsin, for this critter?  And what, I wonder, is the penalty for not only poaching, but humiliating what’s been poached??

IMG_1108 hatted squirrel

Found this beauty at the Petenwell Pub in Adams County, WI!  I wonder who had the good taste to put a hat on her and have her post sentry over the bar?  Best Pizza in town, everyone!!


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