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Mark looks a touch put out…

…at the news that there is another person joining this excursion… and a woman at that!  I’m surprised he didn’t ask whether she was any good at cooking flapjacks and making coffee!  And what a strange question, which leads us to another vocabulary word- Speleologist.  Why wouldn’t he ask something like “What is her area of study / expertise?” At least assuming that, as Gabe’s assistant, she would be immersed in some academic pursuit.  But I suppose Mark doesn’t want to be held back by any rank amateurs, since of course he’s probably “written a few articles” about caving as well… <<snark>>


Well, now are we set up?  Can we get on with this?  Are we there yet??


One thought on “Mark looks a touch put out…

  1. Mark: “Is she experienced in caving?” (Mark always wants to show off his knowledge of occupational slang)
    Gabe: “Yes, she’s studying to be speleologist – studies caves and their environment!”

    Good ol’ Gabe felt it necessary to explain to Mark (and us readers) what a Speleologist is, in case we missed the connection. But maybe Mark asked the question because he thinks good ol’ Gabe is incapable of hiring qualified people; or maybe because Gabe’s assistant is a woman and Mark doesn’t believe woman know how to do anything other than get rescued, make dinner, and worship Mark.

    Alternate Mark: “Is she experienced in caving?”
    Alternate Gabe: “No, Mark! She’s studying to be an opthalmologist! I just wanted to hire some babe you can save later on when she gets trapped in a pile of bat dung!”

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