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Oh, Mark, like Hell you have…

Show me the articles, Mark!  Show them to me!  So that would make you an expert on WNS, wouldn’t it?  Reminds me of my old life as a consultant- golden rules- you never are new with the company, you have always been here “a number of years,” and when bidding on a piece of work, you have always done similar work “a number of times…”  What blather!  What BS!  Sling it Mark, sling it high and hard!

Good to see in panel one that the New Mark Trail has vehicles with headrests and seat belts…  something we would never have seen in the Dodd and Elrod days


And what is up with the Big Horn Sheep?  Talk about Out of Range!  Like the Pronghorns from yesterday (thank you James Wilk) none of these animals belong in the desert!  It’s almost like our author takes his cue from previous entries by your faithful scribe!

“Yea, good Idea Mark!  I couldn’t have thought that one up myself!!”  says Ol’ Gabe the Cave Crawler…


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