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Really? What’s a guy to do?

Well, no proposal of marriage, or anything else, just another pitch for everyone to “keep an eye on bats…” I would hazard that 99.9% of the human population never even encounters a bat, let alone a colony and wouldn’t know White Nose Syndrome if it landed on their own face… other than through the use of illegal drugs or a powdered doughnut…  I suppose that’s the reason for the article.  If this is a puff piece that will help Gabe get more funding to run his studies, that much I can understand…


We have certainly encountered an impressive array of fauna on our way to the cave.  Today we encounter some type of hooved ruminant species… that would also appear to be out of range.  No clue what they are…  Sentinel species to warn the cave dwelling bats that humans with gloved hands and lighted hard hats are approaching.


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