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Oh, Mark… You’re such a wag…

Mark goes for humor as the cruelty of nature is on full display right in their front yard!  As I recall, the Moose taking the blow was just standing there, minding his/her own business… oops… it has to be a ‘he’since moose cows have no antlers… stay right here and you will learn much from this strip, boys and girls!  Anyway, that’s a blind-side if ever I saw one- almost an illegal block in the back… the 9th most prevalent call in the NFL this season… but what do moose care about such things?  Is there honor among rutting bulls?  It would appear that some species have specified rules of engagement, like the Big Horn Ram, who line up at what seems like a specified distance and take repeated runs at each other, butting heads.  I swear my football coaches from my youth patterned their drills on this type of thing…


Back to Mark’s attempt at humor… “I won’t be anywhere near a boat…” he says, trying to calm and lighten the tension in the room.  But we all know what happens in the desert, right?  Meth!  Watch out for Heisenberg, Mark, don’t cross paths with the Cartel!  (Careful- spoiler alert if you aren’t through season 4…)


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