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The Return of Rusty

Shield your eyes, oh uninitiated…  gazing upon this lad can leave you with a sight that cannot be un-seen… And it’s interesting- but probably, again, a function of library images, Cherry in the middle panel is in sharp focus where Rusty and Mark are bordering on blurry…


And really.  Who, in polite, casual spoken word uses subjunctive, qualifying phrases that start with the word “while?” As in “While I love you dearly, Honey, I really can’t wait to get the hell out of here…”

So while we do the normal dance that leads up to Mark leaving – his announcing the trip, cherry looking sad, Rusty wishing he could go, Mark wondering why anyone would think that he might run into danger, we really should just get on with it.


One thought on “The Return of Rusty

  1. I think Mark is showing signs of dementia. How can he assume nothing bad will happen ?? It always does.

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