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There is comfort in routine…

C’mon Cherry – you know the drill… Mark has to leave Lost Forest in order to keep the story lines moving… there are bad guys and now a Chiropterologist waiting for him to enter their sphere in order for their own lives to become more interesting…  No concern of yours is going to get in the way of that…  Makes me think of the Movie The Truman Show, starring Jim Carrey.  What if Mark became aware that his entire life was on display for the sole reason to provide entertainment for the masses?  Would he ever mug for the camera?  Would that level of awareness (I know it’s a stretch) change the way he behaved?  And how prescient was that movie (1998)- to predict that we would soon become a Reality TV Nation? about to elect our first Reality TV President??


More panels from the library… we have certainly seen this series of images before…  Mark announcing that he is about to leave and Cherry showing “concern…” Still shocked that Mark hasn’t heard from Bill Ellis about that boat he blew up… I guess consequences are for us mere mortals…


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