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Mark Trail- showing a little kindness…

…or even empathy?  As Doc shows off using his big words, he anticipates the questions coming from (at least) Rusty and points out that the 5-dollar word coming out of Doc’s mouth , Chiropterologist, means that he studies bats…

Classic scene in Panel one… In fact I am sure I have seen this exact configuration before– with Cherry in slight repose on the arm of the log chair, Mark hunched over, in his naturalist khaki ensemble, fire blazing and Rusty looking on from a relatively distant corner of the shot…  Andy asleep and farting in front of the hearth.  Warm days (recall the shirtless scenes from earlier) must give way to chilly nights in the Georgia Mountains.


Looks like Ol’ Doc has gone in for Just for Men- Touch of Gray on the Ol’ eyebrows…  a rather striking look, I must say.

Still confused, unless there are multiple Cuevas de Los Muertos… seems the one we are interested in is in Texas… Good to know that Mark will be able to stay in the lower 48 and avoid international waters… at least for now.


4 thoughts on “Mark Trail- showing a little kindness…

  1. Just LOVE your blog! Your commentary is a hoot. Thank you. “MARK TRAIL” has got to be one of the most goofy parodies of adventure stories I have seen. How else to explain it? Have you noticed that most of the time it seems as if every male wears the same clothes, as if LL Bean was the only store around?
    And is Allen’s drawing getting more weird as time goes on? Sometimes it looks like panels are put together with clip art from different sources. Sometimes it looks like Allen drew the panels with his OTHER hand.

    Oh, how is it the dailies you post are colored?

    Finally, WHO are you? I just don’t see a byline anywhere.
    – George

  2. Thanks for your kind words… Name is Dennis Williams. I live in St. Paul MN. https://thytrailbedone.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/200/ here’s a picture of me having a Mark Trail Moment on the South Shore of Lake Superior… My love of Mark Trail extends back to the 70’s and 80’s. I was in high school/ college and we’d laugh about the silly story lines as a family… one summer when I was getting ready to head back to school, Andy was caught in a deer trap, and it was clear that the story was not going to resolve by the time I had to leave, and the local paper where I was going did not carry Mark Trail! Dilemma! I was then surprised to find about a week later a letter from home- my mom had clipped every daily and added her own commentary- took about a month for Andy to be rescued! I guess you can say that this runs in the family… and I started doing likewise through email with her in 2013, and after a few months I figured I would go public. I have a day job- I work for one of the “too big to fail” banks, and this helps me get my brain started in the morning… Thanks again for your comments!

    • St. Paul, eh? Well, I live in Minneapolis. Howzabout that?! Did you ever listen to the “Mark Trail Theater” that used to be on KFAI radio? That was back in the ’70s, I believe, I listened to it whenever I could, because I thought “who in the hell would bother?”, except for parody. Which is was, as I recall.

      Now how is it that the strips you publish are in color? These are dailies, which traditionally are always B/W.


      • Washington Post on line, Houston Chronicle on line, Comics.com all carry the daily in colored format. yeah… Minnesota. Huh. Funny. Probably appeals to us northerners…

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