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Please just step away from the ledge…

I know that you have special powers and all, the greatest of which is the fact that this strip is named after you, and therefore you have immortality and United King Syndicate on your side… But seriously, this is really getting to me.  And put a shirt on.  Your freakishly toned body has me more than a little weirded-out.


“If by ‘honest’ you mean that I told her this morning that I was going on ‘a little hike’ when in reality I was risking my very life in a solo free-climb…” then the answer is yes… And by the way, if Mark now has a body and temperament suited to that activity, then Gabriel certainly has a physique suited to “crawling around in the dark,” as Mark so eloquently puts it…

But there seems to be a little sadness in Mark’s “Ha Ha Ha…”  As if he secretly wishes that he hadn’t taken the deal by which he could remain a kept man- the whole package, as it were, even if under the James Allen regime they get to sport awesome, hard bodies with suggestions of actual intimacy…  a deal that includes pretending to be father to that Rascally Rusty, whom we mercifully don’t have to see very often…

And thanks to which/whomever kind reader(s) chose to take a long drink from this hose on the last day of 2015… you put me over the  top, stats-wise.  Part of the fun in this is seeing how many people come to take a look at this nonsense.  I don’t do anything promotion-wise, so by now it’s all word of mouth or somewhat random Googling.  Thanks everyone for stopping by and staying with me!  Happy New Year to you all…

2015 stats


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