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Worse than Smuggling Birds?!?

Or better than??  More lucrative, anyway… According to Jose… That’s a mighty big word there… He’s clearly the brains behind this operation.


Judging by the reaction in panel two, this is not the first time the Ol’ Jefe is a little slow on the uptake…  As Jose laughs and grimaces and holds his head in pain, he calmly and collectively suggests that he has bigger plans in store, a bigger payoff…

But seriously… this is Mark Trail we are talking about.  It’s been at least two story arcs since we last had smuggling animals in the plot…  Remember the whole “My Friends call me Dirty” story?  There can be no greater foul than trafficking in poached animals and their parts… So while Jose’s idea may be more lucrative, let’s hope it’s at least as interesting as smuggling birds!!

But back to the abrupt transition away from Ken and Kelly!  What became of Kelly?  Are Mark and Ken cooling their heels in a decontamination chamber? Is Mark talking his way out of having to pay for the boat?  So many loose ends!!  Do we ever go back to Lost forest so Mark and Cherry can get their smooch on?

Eww…  sorry… shouldn’t have gone there…


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