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Not Ken’s first rodeo, either…

A double header, ladies and gents…  Saturday action below, which shows Ken’s pugilistic prowess, not to mention the famous Mark Trail hay-maker…


I remember griping about the fact that Mark wasn’t allowed to hit anyone anymore in the Allen epoch, but we are apparently beyond that… as long as Mark is getting shot at (sort of, since the bullets all went the other way…) he is free to unleash his fists of fury.

From the Curmudgeon: (I missed the oddity in panel two…)

Just keeping you updated on the Trailian fisticuffs! Lotsa punching going on. Let’s focus on that and not Ken’s leg apparently phasing right through the solid matter of the bad guy’s arm in panel two. Very disturbing, the thought that Mississippi Ken might not be bound by the same laws of time and space as we are. Let’s not dwell on it. Ha ha, punching!


A “Lullaby machine?”  Really?  That’s actually kind of funny…  And what- is Ken into Martial Arts or something?  Second panel top might suggest as much…  OK, now what?  Do they pick up the weapons and wait for the next onslaught of Henchmen?  These guys won’t stay out for long…


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