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Where the Devil is Foxylocks??

OK, this has gone on way too long…  but come to think of it, has she shown her face the entire time Mark has been on the scene?  Maybe she got sick of waiting and demanded that Ken take her ashore…


But with Mark safe on board the Shur Ketch3, I guess it doesn’t really matter all that much.  As we see in panel two, Mark’s hair is quickly snapping back in to place (oh what The Donald wouldn’t do to have that low-to-no maintenance mane…) so we can now get on with what is really the mystery- what is down their on the freighter that has the NUCLEAR SYMBOL on it?  Where did that symbol come from- when did it start to signify to the world Danger!  Radioactive material!!  It is, according to Wiki, the “Radiation Warning” symbol, one of many warning symbols used in the world, and did not always have the black on yellow trefoil that we commonly associate with danger today…


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